Welcoming Speech by Thing Siew Shuen, General Manager of Penang Green Council during the Launching of Penang Green Carnival 2015

A very Good Morning to everyone. A warm welcome and thank you for your gracious presence for the launching of the Penang Green Carnival today! I am happy to see all of you celebrating this year’s carnival theme – “Make Our Food Last” in conjunction with the World Environment Day.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to all our activity partners, sponsors, exhibitors from all walks of life and also all of you who made this event today a success! Thank you for your outstanding commitment to generate an exponential positive impact on the planet.

This year, we have a series of awareness programmes, games and competitions, exhibitions, talks and discussion forums, workshops, Low Carbon Diet campaign and the Penang Green Idol Public Speaking Competition,  tailored for kids, families and public; focusing on food and how our lifestyle choices can affect the global food safety and food sustainability.

In advocating “ownership” of the environment, we are organising various environmental education programs. We also provide environmental incentives through Penang Green Council (PGC). Penang Green Carnival is one of the platforms where we are putting all “green brains” together for progressive and constructive sustainable development.

This year, the PGC is holding the award ceremony – the Green Pinang 3A (Achievements, Awards & Accolades) Gala to mark the end of the last chapter in 2015. The Penang State Government continues to acknowledge all green spirits in various awards such as the Penang Green School Award, Penang Green Office Project Certification, Penang Green Innovation Incentive, Penang Rainwater Harvesting Incentive, Penang Green Journalism Award, Penang Green Video Contest and Green Pinang Certificate of Appreciation. This year, we have introduced two new awards under the big umbrella of Penang Green Pinang Award, namely, the Penang Environmental Stewardship Award and Penang Environmental Sustainability Award, to encourage and inspire individuals and organisations in Penang.

Many times, we marvel at the humility of nature, taking the abundance for granted; and now dwelling on a planet with finite of natural resources for our children and generations to come.  We need people to act now and stop asking “What benefits will I get?”, we need all of you to take the ownership to manage our resources and the environment efficiently and effectively.

I hope you enjoy our event.

Thank you.


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