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By Penang State Government Since 2011

The Penang Green Council (PGC) is a special task-force by the Penang State Government to nurture, facilitate, and coordinate the green initiatives of Penang. PGC charters activities and programmers to progressively turn Penang into a charming “Green State”.

The passionate team members of PGC aspire to promote and improve the quality of life through preservation and conservation of environment. We are keen to turn Penang into a wonderful, sustainable place to call home. We have been facilitating various platforms and forums for businesses and organizations that share the same passion. The platform aims to enable all interested parties to share ideas and practices to maintain environmental balance through sustainable solutions.

Green Initiatives Activities & Programmers for Penang to Progressively Turn Penang Into a Charming "Green State"


Our Vision:

Penang as a green state that is clean, safe and harnesses green technology.

Our Mission:

To enable, empower and enrich all stakeholders to practice sustainable development that protects the environment and quality of life.

The Team:

Fun + Energetic + Dedicated.

How We Do It:

Actively promote and improve quality of life through preservation and conversation of the environment. Facilitate platforms and forums for sharing sustainable solutions, ideas and practices.


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