pgigc: 2017 | World Environment Day Celebration:Happython Penang 2017 and ‘I Love Pokok’ Photography Contest
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World Environment Day Celebration:Happython Penang 2017 and ‘I Love Pokok’ Photography Contest

Statement by Phee Boon Poh, Penang State Exco Member, Welfare, Caring Society and Environment Committee Chairman cum Vice-Chairman of Penang Green Council, on 2 June 2017:

World Environment Day CelebrationHappython Penang 2017 and ‘I Love Pokok’ Photography Contest

In conjunction with the celebration of World Environment Day, Penang International Green Carnival 2017 is pleased to announce that we will be celebrating this day with Happython Penang and ‘I Love Pokok’ Photography Contest.

World Environment Day on 5 June 2017 is one of the biggest annual event for positive environmental action. “Connecting People to Nature”, the theme for World Environment Day 2017 is chosen by host country Canada; implores us to get outdoors and into nature, to appreciate its beauty and its importance, and to take forward the call to protect the Earth that we share. This year’s theme invites us to think about how we are part of nature and how intimately we depend on it.

Two activities will be organised to celebrate World Environment Day:

  • Happython Penang 2017

Happython – Yoga for Peace & Happiness will be held on 17 June 2017, 6pm – 8pm at Straits Quay Promenade by our branding partner The Art of Living, to help individuals overcome stress and experience inner peace with yoga practice. Yoga, which is a 5000 years old practice, brings union into oneself and harmony with the environment we live. The simple but effective yogic postures, are coupled with powerful breathing exercises and followed by deep relaxation, thereby bringing wellness and harmony to the body, mind and spirit.

The programme for the evening will also include a lucky draw session, knowledge and heart-to-heart sharing session by members. Registration fee is RM30 for adults and RM10 for youngsters or kids below 18 years old. The first 100 participants who register as a new member of The Art of Living during this event will be entitled to a free yoga mat. For those who are interested, kindly visit Facebook Event Page ‘Happython Penang 2017’ or contact Betty Ooi at 014-348 9123 to register.

  • ‘I Love Pokok’ Photography Contest

‘I Love Pokok’ Photography Contest is initiated by Penang Green Council (PGC) and co-organised by Penang State Forestry Department, is open to all Malaysian citizens. We are accepting entries submission starting from 1st June 2017 – 16th July 2017. The objects photographed for the contest shall be within Penang area. A total of RM2,100 cash prizes to be won!

This contest is part of Penang International Green Carnival 2017, which coincides the carnival’s theme ‘Against Climate Change Together (ACCT), Now!’, where all submitted entries of photos will be displayed during Green Carnival. It is undeniable that deforestation is a huge contributor to climate change. According to scientist, forest loss and trees cutting down due to civilisation account for around 23% of current man-made carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, which equates to 17% of the 100-year warming impact to all current greenhouse-gas emissions. Trees play important role to humans as they can help to absorb the CO2, release oxygen back to atmosphere, hence, cool down the cities. As such, this photography contest aims to raise awareness within public about importance of trees to the environment, by appreciating the beauty of trees. We are proud to say that Penang under Pakatan Harapan is the only state in Malaysia over the last 10 years from 2006-2015, where not a single square inch of permanent forest reserves has been cut.

For those who are interested, kindly visit website or visit Facebook Page ‘Penang International Green Carnival’ to know about the participation details.

Thank you.

Phee Boon Poh

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