pgigc: 2017 | Penang International Green Carnival 2017
Penang International Green Carnival has presented various solutions to climate change. Penang Green Council is here to raise environmental awareness, motivate people to tackle climate change and create a net impact on fighting climate changes.
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– Penang Green Idol 2017 –

Calling for youths to participate in sharing your thoughts and ideas about the impending environmental issues. Besides showing off your prowess in public speaking, the competition also aims to educate and advocate youths on the necessity of protecting the health of Earth.

Registration opens now!

(Registration Period: 4 Jan – 6 Mar)

Carnival Day

I Love Pokok Photography Contest & Exhibition

Let’s join us to appreciate the green! ‘I Love Pokok’ Photography Contest is initiated by Penang Green Council (PGC) and co-organised by Penang State Forestry Department, is open to all Malaysian citizens. The objects photographed for the contest are within Penang area. Trees play important role as they can help to absorb the CO2, release oxygen back to atmosphere, hence cool down the cities. As such, this photography contest aims to raise awareness within public about importance of trees to the environment, by appreciating the beauty of trees. All submitted entries of photos is displayed during Penang International Green Carnival 2017.

( Date: 9 to 10 Sept 2017 )
( Time: 10am to 6pm )

Beauty In Our Food Competition

Have you ever been told not to play with your food? This is your opportunity to do just that! Our contest lets kids explore their creative side by making artworks using vegetable stems. With this, kids can develop a deeper appreciation for food as well as art. Slots are limited so hurry and register!

( Date: 10 Sept 2017 )
( Time: 2pm to 3pm )

Eco knights Movie Screening By KL Eco Festival

 The environment is one of the hottest topics currently. Come and join us for an educational movie date at PGIGC 2017. EcoKnights is screening environment-related movies so you can learn more about environmental issues and discover how you can help our Earth. Do sign up early to book your seat.

Date: 9 Sept | Title: The Climate Changers
Time: 4pm to 5pm

Date: 10 Sept | Title: Voice of Transition
Time: 3pm to 4pm

Date: 10 Sept | Title: Global Warming & Message in the Bottle
4pm to 5pm

Eco Knights Composting Workshop By KL Eco Festival

Composting, aka nature’s way of recycling, has plenty of benefits. Composting helps reduce waste, conserves resources, is good for your plants, and is just plain fun. Let the EcoKnights teach you how to turn your food scraps, leaves, and plant cuttings into awesome compost!

Date: 9 Sept
Time: 2.30pm to 3.30pm

Climate Change Public Dialogue ( Who Cares? We Care! )

This open discussion seeks to improve public engagement in tackling climate change and also aims to help governments in their public policy-making on climate change. Our featured speaker is YB Phee Boon Poh, Dato’ Sr. Rozali Mohamud (Yang di-Pertua MPSP) and Dato’ Maimunah Mohd. Sharif (Datuk Bandar, MBPP). All are invited to listen and learn how to become more involved in saving our planet.

Date: 10 Sept
Time: 11.00am to 12.30pm

iCycle Recycling Talk

Delve into the subject of recycling with this talk that highlights the vast impact of waste over the last 40 years. Today’s solutions do not address the Three Big Bads (Energy, Electronics, & Plastic) as a comprehensive approach at all. Attend this talk and find out how our waste problems can be solved by dealing with the Three Big Bads.

Time : 4.00pm to 5.00pm
Date : 9th Sept 2017

iCycle Waste Segregation Workshop

Not only will this workshop educate you on proper ways to segregate your waste, you will also compete in teams to sort as much waste as possible. Waste management can actually be really fun, which you will find out for yourself if you join us! You are guaranteed a great time and a better understanding of waste management when you learn through play.

Date: 10 Sept
Time: 4.00pm to 5.00pm

Household used light tubes and alkaline batteries (TUBA) Collection

In collaboration with Cenviro Sdn Bhd, this is the first time we are organising the collection of the household used light TUbes and alkaline BAtteries (TUBA). Cenviro will provide the facilities to collect the household used light TUbes and alkaline BAtteries (TUBA) in Penang to create public awareness on safe disposal of TUBA. Currently, there are no laws and regulations in Malaysia for the disposal of household TUBA, however we recognize that TUBA is categorized as scheduled waste, which is hazardous to the environment if they are improperly disposed. Wooden crates will be provided to contain the used TUBA, after that the scheduled waste will be transported to a secured landfill for safe disposal.

( Date: 9 to 10 Sept )
( Time: 12pm to 4pm )

MGBC Eco Power Run 2017

To encourage the wonderful folks of Penang to stay green ,fit and healthy, we are organising this fabulous run in Penang. Welcome to the MGBC Eco Power Run 2017 in conjunction with a Penang State event: Penang International Green Carnival 2017 organized by Penang Green Council.

This event is done in support and educate local on Green, especially in Green Building. So come and support Green. There are lucky draws to give out after the run!

Time : 7.00 am
Date : 10th Sept 2017

Little Green Chef by Jasper Promenade

Enjoy some quality time with your kid and watch them turn into a little green chef in this two-hour cookout session. Under the guidance of a cooking instructor, your children get to learn how to put together simple foods with fresh ingredients.

( Date: 9 Sept )
( Time: 2pm to 4pm ) – ( 4pm to 6pm )
( Date: 10 Sept )
( Time: 11am to 1pm ) – ( 2pm to 4pm ) – ( 4pm to 6pm )

Grab A Free Plant By Sunshine Garden Centre

Take the chance to bring a little green friend home while it is still available Sunshine Garden Centre is giving away 250 free mini potted plants daily. You just need to bring your used container to the designated booth to get your free plant.

( Date: 9 to 10 Sept )
( Time: 10am to 6pm )

Sand Art by Sand Art Corner

What better way to let your children explore their artistry, but to join the fun- filled art and craft session. Sand Art features craft products that are designed to encourage creativity. So bring your kids along and have fun with colourful sands.

Colouring Competition
( Date: 9 & 10 Sept 2017 )
( Time: 12pm to 1pm )

Batik Workshop
( Date: 9 & 10 Sept 2017 )
( Time: 2pm – 3pm & 3pm –  4pm & 4pm – 5pm )

“Who Eats What” By ENTOPIA

This FREE workshop is open to all visitors and yes, we welcome children! You will discover the unique relationships between predator and prey, food chains and food webs in this fun and informative programme. Entopia wants to encourage and promote an unconventional, nature-learning experience through games and activities. Spaces are first-come, first-served. See you there!

( Date: 10 Sept )
( Time: 10am to 12pm )

Cut For Charity By GREENXAGON

Want to do good while looking good? Here’s how you can achieve that. Greenxagon Marketing Sdn. Bhd. is organising a charity haircut to help the animals. Simply purchase a RM20 voucher and receive a haircut from a team of friendly and professional hair stylists. All proceeds from this fundraising event will go directly to SPCA Penang.

( Date: 10 Sept )
( Time: 3pm to 6pm )

Biggest Collage Made From Recyclable Items (The Malaysia Book Of Records)

Take part in this event that’s truly record-breaking! Join us in creating the biggest collage made from recyclable items in two days to earn a spot in The Malaysia Book of Records. This event by PGC aims to promote environmental awareness among the visitors of PGIGC 2017 and empower them to begin ghting climate change, all through the use of visual art.

Date: 9 to 10 Sept
Time: Whole Day

Goals For Green & Meet Faiz Subri

This exciting event is for all the footie lovers out there! Win a free PGIGC T-shirt when you successfully score a goal in our game and correctly answer our quiz. The game will run for the entire day so come on over anytime! Visitors can also meet Faiz Subri and get autographs or snap pictures with him at our game area.

( Date: 9 Sept )
Time: Whole Day for Goals for Green
2.30pm to 3.30pm for Meet Faiz Subri

Anti-Nuclear Petition

Let us stop the construction of nuclear power plants and facilities in Malaysia by signing the anti-nuclear petition. The signing will take place during Penang International Green Carnival 2017.

( Date: 9 to 10 Sept )
( Time: 10am to 6pm )

Giant Snake and Ladder

Get ready to roll the giant dice and have fun! Spend some exciting time with your family over the weekend at the carnival with a giant snake and ladder. Nothing beats a good ole board game in a blown up version.

( Date: 9 to 10 Sept )
( Time: 10am to 6pm )

Penang International Green Carnival

The Penang International Green Carnival is back for another weekend of exciting games, performance, and fun learning.

It is an annual event by the Penang Green Council. Every year, the event will focus on a particular theme with the aim to create public awareness on the topic through enlightening and fun activities.

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