pgigc: 2017 | Penang International Green Carnival 2017
Penang International Green Carnival has presented various solutions to climate change. Penang Green Council is here to raise environmental awareness, motivate people to tackle climate change and create a net impact on fighting climate changes.
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We Welcome Sponsorships

Every year, we seek support from various parties from event crews to exhibitors and sponsors. This year our international event will be the larger than previous year and we seek for more support and contributions from local and as well as international organisations.

If you are interested to make a difference, please register by 10 August 2017.

If you have any questions, you can reach us by

Email: Miss Wong Fen Fen ( or Miss Hoo Huey Ching ( Phone: +604-250 3322

Penang International Green Carnival

The Penang International Green Carnival is back for another weekend of exciting games, performance, and fun learning.

It is an annual event by the Penang Green Council. Every year, the event will focus on a particular theme with the aim to create public awareness on the topic through enlightening and fun activities.

Call Us: 04-250 3322 or Email Us:

We Love To Hear From You. Drop Us A Message Here.