About Penang Green Council

Together we aspire to help build a greener and smarter city for the future

We all want to live healthily and happily. Not just for ourselves. But, our loved ones and the next generation too. We believe we will achieve that by preserving and conserving the environment using technology.

Penang Green Council is our vehicle to reach our destination.

Since 2011, the Penang Green Council has been on a crusade to drive an enduring impact on Earth, starting from Penang. We want to lead tomorrow’s change through nurturing, facilitating, and coordinating green initiatives for Penang.

To honor our founding purpose: “To enable, empower, and enrich all stakeholders to practice sustainable development that protects the environment and quality of life,” we ensure our green campaigns touch different community levels like individuals, businesses and large corporations.

Through PGIGCE’19, let us work together to create awareness, inspire change, and add value to the imminent change for a better future.

The Theme: Penang Green and Smart

Sustainability. Green Cities. Smart Cities. Renewable Energy.
Energy Efficiency. Environmentally Friendly. Sustainable Food
System. Circular Economy. IoT & ICT Solutions.

Often these terms are being thrown around in talks, contents, conversation and what not, so much that sometimes we forgot why we’re doing it.

And do we truly understand what it means? What makes a city smart? Why do we need green smart cities?

Before you attend PGIGCE’19, take a step back. Examine the WHY.

Let’s begin with Penang.

Imagine this.

“It’s 6 o’clock in the morning. Your alarm clock gently wakes you up with soft music. Once you open your eyes, it says “Good morning.” After a yawn and a good stretch, you went up to the rooftop. Lush greeneries surround you as you breathe in the fresh, crisp air. Overlooking the still quiet streets of George Town, you made some yoga stance. You got ready to head to work. The moment, you left the front door, the house automatically shut down everything to conserve its energy safe for itself. Next, you stepped into a self-driving bus that runs on self-generated electricity, and you greeted your colleagues. At the office, you walk pass green grass lawns. When the weather is expected to stay dry until tomorrow, the sprinkler system automatically turns on. If there were rain coming, it would remain quiet…And your day goes on with a lot of customized environment based on your preference.”

Well, you get the gist.

Penang Green and Smart is about making the city sustainable, prosperous and future-inclusive for Penangites by effectively integrating physical, digital and human systems in the built environment.

Consequently, the WHY is pretty simple, we want a better life for our loved ones, partner, children and ourselves.

The Logo Rationale

The Unity of Leaf

A convergence of green ideas, technologies, and innovation, the logo represents unity, flexibility, and affinity. It unites people from different walks of life through a shared venerable goal, that is to create a better quality of life together while remaining flexible and connected with the people and solutions.